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Mountain Brumby Sanctuary


Mountain Brumby Sanctuary is a volunteer-run brumby sanctuary in Broadford, Victoria focused on saving, taming and  re-homing brumbies. Located on a beautiful private property in Broadford, Victoria, the sanctuary is home to a mix of mares, foals, geldings and stallions (soon to be geldings).

All of our brumbies are available for sponsorship until their are adopted into their forever homes.  All donations go directly towards the care of the brumbies in our care. These costs are predominantly feed and vet bills.

Mountain Brumby Sanctuary is extremely grateful to the assistance offered by our amazing volunteers who donate their time to care for the brumbies.


Please contact us for more information on becoming a Volunteer, a Sponsor or to Adopt one of our brumbies.

Help Us, to Help Them

A look into our work at the Sanctuary

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