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About Mountain Brumby Sanctuary

Protecting Our Brumbies

In 2020 when the Government announced that the Brumbies were to be shot, a small group of women banded together and headed up to the high country to help try to stop the shooting. Meeting up with other passionate people at this weekend, everyone wanted to do something to help the horses that were at risk.

As a result, Mountain Brumby Sanctuary was founded.  MBS is a registered incorporated association in Victoria.

The Sanctuary

Located on a beautiful private property in Broadford, Victoria, the sanctuary is home to a mix of mares, foals and stallions (soon to be geldings).

Almost all mares arrive to us pregnant. They are turned out in the large paddocks where they can relax and learn that they are in a safe place before they have their foals. Stallions are assessed in the yards upon arrival and are turned out in secure paddocks in small bachelor herds once they have settled into life at the sanctuary.


During this time they become used to domestic life, such as fencing, man-made water sources and food. We do not rehome stallions, all boys are gelded prior to rehoming.

Donations and Volunteers

Mountain Brumby Sanctuary is extremely grateful to the assistance offered by our amazing volunteers and committee members  who all donate their time to care for the brumbies. All of our brumbies are available for sponsorship until their are adopted into their forever homes. 


All donations go directly towards the care of the brumbies in our care. These costs are predominantly feed and vet bills. All sponsors receive regular email updates about their sponsored brumbies.  Sponsors can also select to be a General Sanctuary Sponsor rather than sponsor an individual brumby.

We always welcome new volunteers at the sanctuary. Located in regional Broadford, Victoria there is always a lot of work to do.

Jobs range from mucking out paddocks, cleaning and filling water troughs, feeding out hay and hard feeds, checking that all our brumbies are healthy, fencing, handling and much, much more.  Prior horse experience is not essential, we will train you. All you need is a willing attitude, closed toed shoes and a passion for brumbies.

Public transport not available within walking distance of the sanctuary.


Please contact us for more information on becoming a Volunteer, a Sponsor or to Adopt one of our brumbies.

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