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HEIGHT: TBC (unmeasured)

ORIGIN: Bago State Forest


Ela-Moonta was in our second group of rescued Brumbies, on the 1/7/20 from Bago state forest. Ela came with Omeo, Zoe and Bindi. Ela was very majestic when she came, but there was fear in her eyes, she would bolt around and jump anything to get away from us, we do not know what trauma she went through before she came to us! But it had to be a lot. When she was not bolting around, Ela was always standing behind trees, but always watching us!

Ela gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 24/11/20, Eli Moon, sadly there was a terrible accident when Eli was 4 weeks old, and Eli had to be put to sleep, what a heart breaking time that was. This pushed Ela back even further, and we realised that we had to look after her always! As time has gone by, Ela is more relaxed and has come closer, but still keeps a safe distance from us.

Ela-Moonta is the Matriarch of the mares, and has always watched over the foals. We believe that she was the lead mare in her herd.


Ela-Moonta will always need to be sponsored, as Mountain Brumby Sanctuary is her home.

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