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HEIGHT: TBC (unmeasured)

ORIGIN: Bago State Forest


Ela is a black mare who was part of our second rescue group, coming from the Bago State Forest in July 2020.  She was rescued with Omeo and Bindi who have been adopted, and Zoe who is still with us waiting to be rehomed.

There was a lot of fear in Ela's eyes when she arrived at the sanctuary. She would bolt away from us, which included jumping over anything in her way, suggesting that she suffered a major trauma with humans before she arrived.


When she wasn’t bolting, she was protecting herself by standing behind a tree.

Ela gave birth to a beautiful boy we named Eli-Moon on 24 November 2020.


Sadly, there was a terrible accident when Eli was just 4 weeks old. He broke his leg so severely that he had to be put to sleep, which was a heart-breaking time for Ela and all of us. This pushed Ela back even further, and we realised then that she would be a long term resident of the sanctuary.

These days, Ela is more relaxed and is gradually coming closer, but always keeps a safe distance. She is the matriarch of the mares and the godmother to all the sanctuary foals, showing what a beautiful soul she is despite all the pain.

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