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COLOUR: Chestnut

ORIGIN: Kosciuszko National Park


Florence is a chestnut mare who was rescued from Kosciuszko National Park in August 2020. She was rescued with Chester, Pepper and Flicka who have been adopted, and Sparrow who remains at the sanctuary.

Florence was named after Florence Nightingale as she always stood next to Sparrow, who she was rescued with, on the side Sparrow lost her eye in the wild. On the basis of this close bond and their similarities, we suspect that Sparrow is Florence’s mother.

Florence is curious and likes to follow people around the paddock, and really enjoys a treat! She is currently confined to a small flat area after suffering an injury to her back leg. Although she may never be able to be ridden or run around the hills, she would make a beautiful therapy horse as she’s very much in tune with people’s emotions.

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