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COLOUR: Flaxen Chestnut

HEIGHT: TBC (unmeasured)

ORIGIN:  Bago State Forest


Hope was rescued on 28/8/20 with Billy, Charity, Springer and Saxon from Bago state forest.

Hope was to go to a rehomer who asked us to pick her up for them.

It was quickly apparent that we could not separate her from the other Brumbies, there was fear in her eyes and great sadness. Hope jumped anything to get away from us, we decided that she needed to stay with us, and 'hope'fully gain some trust in us!

Hope gave birth to a beautiful little boy, not long after coming to us, her baby was weak and did not survive, it was a great heartache for Hope. Since then she has been in the large paddocks with Ela-Moonta, Florence and Paris, they have become great friends, and gradually Hope has started to realise that we will not hurt her, and she will never be hurt again.

Hope is one of our long term Brumbies, she will stay with us for as long as it takes, which could be forever.

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