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AGE: 6-10


COLOUR: Dark Brown

ORIGIN: Bago State Forest


Paris is a dark brown mare with a beautiful Eiffel Tower shaped star hidden behind that forelock (hence the name “Paris”). She was rescued from Bago State Forest in August 2020 along with Caesar and Presley who have been adopted, and Savannah who is still with us.

Paris came to us in foal, and had a beautiful little boy we named Sparky on 27 October 2020. However, Sparky could not stand so, as what would happen in the wild, Paris left him behind. We tried hard to put Sparky and Paris back together, but Paris' maternal instinct had gone. So we hand raised Sparky and he lived a happy life for 2 years until he passed away suddenly from very rare abdominal adhesions.

These days, Paris enjoys hanging out with her besties Ela-Moonta and Hope, and is gradually coming closer, but still maintaining a safe distance.

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