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AGE: 6-10


COLOUR: Dark Brown



We collected Paris in August 2020 with Caesar, Savannah and Presley.

Paris was a relatively calm girl, who liked to hang out with Ela (and still does).


She was named Paris as she had an Eiffel Tower star on her forehead,

Paris also came to us in foal, and had a beautiful little boy on the 27th October 2020, named Sparky. Unfortunately, her little colt foal could not stand, so as in the wild Paris left him behind.

Thank goodness she was with us. We tried so hard to put Sparky and Paris together, but Paris' maternal instinct to Sparky had gone. Gabi took Sparky (another story) and hand raised him with the help from our dedicated volunteers.

Paris is one of our bigger mares and is coming along well. We allow our brumbies time for them to come around to us and this is working really well.  Paris is now ready for more human contact. this beautiful mare will make someone very happy!

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