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AGE: 21



HEIGHT: TBC (unmeasured)

ORIGIN: Kosciusko National Park


Sparrow was rescued on 14/8/20 from Kosciusko national park, Sparrow was one of our first 'Kosi's', with Florence, Chester, Pepper and Flicka. When we rescued Sparrow, we were told that she had lost an eye, and we didn't have to take her.... how could we possibly say NO.

Sparrow managed really well, and she always had Florence at her side. Sparrow gave birth to Grace on 14/10/20, what a beautiful girl she is.


It became obvious that Sparrow was having difficulty eating and was losing weight. The vet came to see her, and said that she needs surgery on her teeth as they were twisted and broken. so... a crash course on head collars, lead ropes and floating, with overnight stays at the vets.


The vets were amazed at how good Sparrow was, so after some teeth were removed, some filed, and looking at her eye, the vet believes it was all one injury, and we would need to keep on top of her eye... also her teeth will continually need to be checked and filed. Sparrow's eye often gets infected, and needs to be cleaned regularly, Sparrow is not a fan of this, but takes it in her stride.

Sparrow is one of our long term brumbies and will always have a home with us.  Grace, her foal has been adopted by one of our volunteers, and will always be with her Mum.

When the vet first worked on Sparrow's teeth, she noted that Sparrow was 18 years old!!  All that time in the wild.... What a strong girl she is.

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