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AGE: 21 years (estimate)


COLOUR: Liver Chestnut


ORIGIN: Kosciuszko National Park


Sparrow is a 21 year old liver chestnut mare who was rescued from Kosciuszko National Park in August 2020. When we arrived to rescue Sparrow, we were told that she had lost an eye in the wild and didn’t have to take her, but it was never a choice for us!

Sparrow gave birth to Grace in October 2020 at the sanctuary. After giving birth, Sparrow began to lose weight and have difficulty eating so the vet came to see her and said that she needed surgery on her teeth as they were twisted and broken. Sparrow immediately got a crash course in head collars, lead ropes and float training so she was able to have the surgery and has recovered well.


Due to her health issues, Sparrow is one of our long term brumbies and happily spends her days grazing and occasionally taking herself for a dip in the dam. Grace has been adopted by one of our volunteers so mum and daughter have been able to stay together and are rarely too far apart in the paddock.

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